Run Off Event Schedule

Friends of West Winter Park invite you to engage directly with Westside residents in a moderated questions & answers forum.

Meet the Community: A Community Conversation with Westside families, community leaders, elders and small business owners.


Please join Todd Weaver as he meets with “Friends of West Winter Park” and many Hannibal Square neighborhood and Westside residents in a moderated questions & answers forum:
Tuesday, March 26 from 6:30-8:00 pm Winter Park Community Center. 
See you there!

"Walk the Walk" Todd Weaver Campaign Blitz- January 12th, 2019

Some people talk the talk, but others walk the walk! Thank you to the over 100 people who volunteered this weekend, saying, "We're with Weaver!"

Thank you for attending our Kick Off Party!

Wow! It was a standing room only crowd at our kick off party Tuesday night. Thank you to all of the friends, neighbors, and guests who attended. A BIG shoutout to the volunteers who worked so hard to make it exceptional. I'm lucky and humbled to be running with all of these wonderful people behind me.

Volunteering as an Alumni Judge for the UCF College of Engineering


On Friday, I was honored to be asked to serve as a UCF College of Engineering alumni judge for the annual Senior Engineering Design Competition. 


Over 200 senior students with engineering majors in Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil, Environmental, Electrical and others designed, built, tested and presented over 70 projects to a panel of 40 alumni judges. Since I majored in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, I was assigned to judge 5 projects presented by some very talented and creative people on those teams. The themes of the projects included a solar collector and space heater, a small throttle-able rocket motor and an enhancement for an industrial liquid pump.


It was fun to listen to their background stories and aspirations for post graduation. I had the opportunity to share some of mine from 30 years in my field. I was extremely proud to hear that some had already received employment offers from SpaceX, Tesla, Seimens Wind Energy and other very progressive technology companies.

Kudos to these young leaders of tomorrow and a big thanks to my UCF CECS alma mater for honing their skills!