Frequently Asked Questions

Thoughts on the Dog Park?

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As an owner of 2 rescue dogs, I actually use the dog park. Maintenance issues exist and need our attention.  I would like to see the berm replaced (this is inexpensive for the City to do) and alternating areas fenced off periodically to allow the lawn to grow. Grass makes it easier for owners to spot droppings and it helps with erosion control, as does the berm.  Dogs have dug large holes and these should be filled. If we do not do this I'm concerned that injuries could result. The central cypress tree area could be beautified with native aquatic plants, as required by the City's code for lake shore management. 

Some residents complain that the more of the park users are not from Winter Park. But, for instance, I'm an avid boater and use county or state ramps all over Florida free of charge. There are many other city, county and state parks open to all, so this claim of no-sharing seems unfair to me.  The dog park is popular, and I want to keep it so. I would advocate for maintenance improvements as stated above though. I do not support user fees for the park. I would be willing to explore cost sharing opportunities with the City of Orlando and/or the County.

What about backyard chickens in Winter Park?

While I would not be in favor of roosters in backyards due to their inherent early morning alarm clack behavior, I would be receptive to considering backyard hens if citizens favor this.  A friend who was on the Maitland City Commission, now a Florida legislator, owns hens in Maitland. They have not been shown to be a hazard or a nuisance. I think the idea merits discussion at the Winter Park Commission level. Personally, I would not mind if my neighbors kept hens in their backyard.  Hens are great for pest control and who doesn't like grade AAA eggs in the morning? Aside from always being  respectful of your neighbors, my only caution to residents is that chickens are susceptible to predators, so be mindful when considering them as a pet/companion.

What are you going to do about all the traffic?

I share your frustration. I live off Lee Rd and feel as though I risk my life trying to enter or exit my neighborhood. I reject the notion that nothing can be done about state roads that lead in and out of Winter Park. There is a better way forward. I want to prioritize pedestrian and vehicular safety and look for ways work with state and local officials to make sure we prioritize modern traffic solutions

I received a mailer saying you were going to fine me for taking down trees on my property. Is that true?

No. I criticized the incumbent for his commission vote to eliminate our tree preservation advisory board- a board upon which he had recently served. Arguably, no element of Winter Park adds to our quality of life more than our beloved trees, and I would not have voted to sunset the board. My opponent is pulling out every stop to try to win, including using baseless attacks to cause confusion and disruption. Don’t believe the attack mail. Believe in a way forward for Winter Park.