Todd’s Platform:



Todd will prioritize protecting the existing green space and tree canopy that form the cornerstone of Winter Park. Todd believes in sustainable growth. As a former real estate investor himself, Todd respects Winter Park’s zoning codes and our Comprehensive Plan. He will bring creative solutions to the city’s projects in an effort to work within the codes as defined rather than seek variances. He believes that the city needs to seriously consider the choices it makes about infrastructure and what Winter Park will look like in ten or twenty years. #LeaveaLegacy #hometownWP

A Legacy for Winter Park

Todd believes that the city needs to balance the environmental concerns of the area before irreversible damage is done. Todd will deliver the best possible awareness on this issue when he is elected to Winter Park City Commission, Seat 4.  

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Code of Conduct

Todd believes Winter Park citizens deserve a city government that represents THEIR vision of how Winter Park grows and how THEIR tax dollars are spent. Todd supports a Code of Conduct for Winter Park City officials.  He believes that city officials have an obligation to recuse themselves on votes to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. Adoption of a code of ethics governing city officials was supported by over 70% of Winter Park voters in a previous election, yet none was ever enacted. Todd believes this needs to change.


Forward Thinking Legacy

Todd Weaver will be a City Commissioner who listens to the concerns and ideas of all citizens. He pledges to examine all sides with the sole purpose of doing what is best for Winter Park, not just for now, but for the future. Responsible governance encompasses thinking beyond what will be good next year; it ensures that today’s decisions will be good in twenty or thirty years .

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