“We’re With Weaver!”


“Weaver, demonstrates less of an impulse to push people around and more of an inclination to work with others and find compromise. We have more confidence in his willingness to control development in a way that protects the city’s character. “

“We think Weaver’s a potential antidote. We recommend Todd Weaver for Seat 4 on the City Commission.”


Thaddeus Seymour (Former President of Rollins College):

“So grateful that Todd Weaver has decided to run for City Commission! I know him to be a bright professional with broad experience. His volunteer work to save Lake Bell is just one example of his many years of service to our community. He cares and he gets things done. Todd is committed to the welfare of Winter Park and its professional management, and he has our full and unqualified support.”


David Strong (former Winter Park Mayor):

“Our City is fortunate to have Todd Weaver willing to serve on our City Commission.  His business background clearly demonstrates his understanding of innovation, financial management and leadership.  Moreover, he has selflessly committed himself to community service in a wide variety of undertakings.  Meet Todd and you will understand why it is so important to elect him to the City Commission.”

Cynthia Mackinnon.jpg

Cynthia Mackinnon (Former Winter Park Mayoral Candidate)

“I am pleased to support Todd Weaver for Commission Seat #4. Winter Park has never, in my experience, had a candidate with greater breadth of experience and more depth of understanding of what makes our city unique. Todd is committed to maintaining that unique character. He will be an excellent representative of the people of Winter Park. He has my whole-hearted endorsement.”

Barbara Chandler(Former Candidate for Winter Park City Commission, Seat 4)

“I speak for myself as a former candidate, and I am honored to be joined in my endorsement by The Friends of West Winter Park. We were able to go back and look at the questions the community had posed, and we felt that Todd was more in line with the values we espouse. One of the things that drew us to him during the Forum and during a brief meeting this morning was his willingness to help establish some type of Neighborhood Council and also a co-op for minority-owned businesses.”

2007 - Margie - City Commissioner - 4a  - 3-26.jpg

Margie Bridges (former Winter Park City Commissioner):

"Todd is the best candidate for the Winter Park City Commission Seat 4! His demonstrated efforts to protect our environment, our air quality, our tree canopy, speak volumes! Todd's words are backed up with actions! Thank you for being willing to put yourself out there to protect the futures of our children!"


Phil Anderson (former Winter Park City Commissioner):

“I am excited to endorse a fellow engineer and successful entrepreneur for city commissioner, Todd Weaver. Todd can apply his practical knowledge and financial discipline to making Winter Park's greatest assets even stronger. He understands that Winter Park's greatest assets are: Quality of Life for its residents; the financial bedrock of single family residential values; and the synergy that links them. As an involved engineer, he and his neighbors saved Lake Bell from environmental decimation —- using the same analytics and problem solving that made him a successful entrepreneur and aerospace/mechanical engineer. As a real estate investor, he has created value for our community’s residential tax base by taking outdated houses and transforming those houses into appealing homes for new families. As an entrepreneur, he also understands the environment that small businesses need to thrive. Let's let Todd make Winter Park stronger, constantly improving our quality of life and our investments in our homes and community.”

Pam Peters (former Winter Park City Commissioner):

“Todd Weaver has a background of excellent leadership in the Winter Park Community. His vision for Winter Park balances healthy development with a desire to protect our unique quality of life that makes Winter Park so special. Todd Weaver’s demonstrated respect for all citizens and his proven capacity to inspire cooperation will add a needed “voice” to the Winter Park City Commission.”

Heather Traynham (Orange County Schools):

"Todd Weaver will be a wonderful City Commissioner. Todd cares deeply about Winter Park and authentically engaging our neighbors in ways that improve the quality of life for all of our citizens. He understands how to create opportunities for students to enhance the health of our economy the future of our community."

Beth Dillaha (former Winter Park City Commissioner):

“To my Winter Park, FL friends: I cannot speak highly enough of Todd Weaver. He will make an outstanding representative of the citizens of Winter Park.”


“Todd Weaver advocates for parks, green space and representing the public interest. He would be a great addition to the Winter Park City Commission.”